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The Legend of Dagad Trikon"When Jonathan O'Lochan, Counselor at the U.S. embassy in Cairo first saw the small monkey perched on a branch of a nearby acacia tree, he thought that the cute little visitor was pleading for food so he threw it a banana. But, in his wildest dreams, he could never have guessed that the pleasing of this particular monkey was about to change his life."

So begins The Legend of Dagad Trikon, an action-packed fantasy, good-versus-evil thriller that embraces ten thousand years of history. Journeying through Africa, Europe, India, and America, it tells of for prophecies hidden by the Avasthas, an enlightened race who vanished eons ago.

Jonathan and his friends find themselves unwittingly on a search for the greatest prize that mankind can attain: the secret to how we can transcend the perceived limits of the human mind. The Legend of Dagad Trikon offers a precise explanation as to how this can happen and posits that this is at the heart of the Holy Grail myth.

No brief description can do justice to The Legend of Dagad Trikon. One may legitimately describe it as Tolkienesque, and there are certainly elements of C.S. Lewis in the writing. What one can say for sure, is that it is an utterly unique and rewarding reading experience, full of subtlety and nuance, something to be re-read and savored many times.

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